Our Staff


Rose - Business Manager

With over 30 years of unwavering commitment to our practice, Rose has seamlessly transitioned from dental assistant to office manager and now our esteemed business manager. Not only does she expertly handle the business side,  Rose also brings artistic flair to our office, making it a beautiful and welcoming space through her interior decorating and holiday embellishments.

Outside the office, Rose finds joy in the company of her husband, family, and friends. A proud mother of two and grandmother of four, she cherishes family moments. Rose is an avid pickleball player, engaging in this energetic sport almost daily, and enjoys the freedom of biking.

Join us in appreciating Rose's dedication to our practice and the beautiful atmosphere she creates!

Team Leaders

Elaine - Team Leader

With over 40 years of dedicated service in the dental field, Elaine is a seasoned professional who seamlessly transitions between roles, having excelled both as a dental assistant and at the front desk. For the past six years, she has been the guiding force as our team leader at the front desk.

Outside the office, Elaine and her husband find joy in biking, camping, and engaging in friendly cribbage matches. Her love extends to her feline companion, Cassidy. Elaine's wealth of talents and warm personality make her an invaluable leader, ensuring a positive experience for all who entrust us with their dental care.

Kelly - Team Leader

Kelly is a proud graduate of Western Michigan University with a BA in Arts and Sciences, leading our team since 2019. Ater spending 17 years in the vibrant city of Seattle, she returned to Michigan, bringing a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to our practice.

An excellent team leader, Kelly is also our go-to expert for dental insurance benefits, ensuring our patients receive the best care tailored to their needs. Beyond the office, she revels in outdoor adventures, whether camping, hiking, or enjoying a refreshing swim. Join us in experiencing Kelly's professionalism, leadership and passion for patient-centered dental care!

Dental Hygienists

Allison Allison

Allison, a proud alumna of the University of Detroit with a BS in Dental Hygiene since 2010, brings a wealth of diverse experience to Rochester Family Dentistry. Having worked in various settings, from mobile dentistry to private practice, Allison has been an invaluable part of our team since 2015.

Her skills extends beyond routine cleanings to encompass more complex periodontal care, ensuring that each patient receives personalized and comprehensive treatment. Outside the office, Allison is a devoted wife and mother of two, finding joy in family moments. Her leisure time is filled with the pleasures of reading and solving puzzles, reflecting her love for both mental stimulation and relaxation.

Discover the gentle care and skillful touch Allison brings to your dental experience at Rochester Family Dentistry. Your smile is in caring hands!

Maria Maria

With 25 years of dedicated experience in dental hygiene, Maria is a valuable member of the Rochester Family Dentistry team. Her commitment to patient care extends beyond routine cleanings - Maria is passionate about treating and educating patients to achieve optimal dental health, recognizing its profound impact on overall physical well-being.

Maria's wealth of clinical expertise enhances our practice, ensuring that each patient receives the highest standard of care. Her role is not just a profession but a calling, as she remains an avid learner, staying abreast of the latest advancements in dental health to provide you with the best possible experience.

You will appreciate the difference Maria brings to your dental care journey at Rochester Family Dentistry. Your health and smile are in capable hands!

Jenna Jenna

Jenna, a 2022 graduate of Baker College, has been enhancing smiles at Rochester Family Dentistry since the start of her career. Known for her thorough yet gentle touch, Jenna is dedicated to delivering compassionate dental care. Beyond the dental chair, she finds joy in exploring up north with friends and her two feline companions. When not ensuring your oral health, Jenna enjoys the greens of the golf course. Join us in experiencing Jenna's caring approach and skillfulness for a brighter, healthier smile!

Erica Erica

Meet Erica, a dedicated dental hygienist at Rochester Family Dentistry. With a Bachelor's degree from Ferris State University and certifications in local anesthetic, nitrous oxide, periolase dental laser. and CPR, she prioritizes continuous education to stay abreast of the latest advancements. Erica believes in the profound connection between oral and overall health, embodying a commitment to optimal well-being for her patients. Her passion lies in fostering genuine connections, making patients feel at ease during treatments. Beyond the dental chair, Erica finds joy in her garage gym workouts, mountain biking. and runs. She cherishes quality time with friends and family, embodying a holistic approach to both her professional and personal ljfe_

Front Desk

Diane Diane

Diane found her second home at Rochester Family Dentistry, after a successful career in advertising, ensuring our patients receive top-notch care on schedule. With nine years of dedication to keeping everyone on track with their preventive care, you've likely heard from Diane, the friendly voice at our front desk.

Outside the office, Diane is a devoted mother to two and a proud grandmother of five. Her love for golfing and exploring new destinations keeps her energized and ready to provide a warm welcome to all who walk through our doors. Diane's commitment to patient care and the friendly atmosphere at Rochester Family Dentistry is always appreciated.

Madison Madison

With a degree in psychology from Oakland University, Madison brings a unique touch to her role at our front desk. Expertly navigating treatment plans, insurance benefits, and scheduling, she ensures a seamless experience for our valued patients. Madison's friendly and cheerful demeanor creates a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who walks through our doors.

Beyond the office, Madison finds joy in yoga, crafting, and immersing herself in a good book. She cherishes moments spent with her canine companions, going on walks and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Come and experience Madison's warm spirit at Rochester Family Dentistry!

Mariah Mariah

We're thrilled to welcome Mariah and her bubbly personality to our team, infusing our office with positivity and warmth. With a radiant smile and a can-do attitude, Mariah is dedicated to ensuring every patient feels welcomed and valued.

Outside the office, Mariah finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, from exploring local shops to spending quality time with her family. Her heart belongs to Milo, her beloved puppy, with whom she enjoys walks and playful moments. Join us in celebrating Mariah's enthusiasm and contribution to the friendly atmosphere at Rochester Family Den­tistry!

Dental Assistants

Tina Tina

Originally a dentist in the Philippines, Tina brings invaluable expertise to our practice, enhancing our team since 2011. Her talents and skills as a dental assistant make her an indispensable member, ensuring top-notch care for our patients. Beyond the dental chair, Tina finds joy in her family, sharing special moments with her husband and high school-aged son. With a heart that spans across continents, she regularly travels back to the Philippines to reconnect with her extended family.

We are privileged to have Tina's unique background and exceptional skills contribute to the outstanding care we provide at Rochester Family Dentistry!

Ally Ally

Ally has transformed into an outstanding dental assistant in just two years, earning all necessary certifications for the role. Despite starting with no dental experience, her dedication and quick learning have made her an integral part of our team.

Currently pursuing her education at Macomb Community College, Ally aspires to become a nurse, with dreams of traveling the world while making a difference as a traveling nurse. Balancing her time between friends, studying, and her career goals, Ally embodies the spirit of continuous growth and empathetic care at Rochester Family Dentistry!

Bobbie Bobbie

With over three years of dedicated service, Bobbie earned her certification in dental assisting and X-ray certification from the Michigan Dental Assisting School in Farmington Hills, Ml. She takes pride in getting to know each patient individually, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience for all.

Beyond the dental office, Bobbie enjoys quality time with her fiance, building lasting memories together. A culinary enthusiast, she finds joy in cooking and creating delicious meals with him. We're fortunate to have Bobbie's compassionate care and commitment to excellence at Rochester Family Dentistry!

Aneta Aneta

Aneta brings a wealth of experience with a decade in the dental assisting field, joining in 2023, and we're pleased to add her to our team. Passionate about dentistry, she takes pride in ensuring our patients feel as comfortable as possible during their dental care journey.

Originally from Macedonia, Aneta carries a love for Macedonian cuisine, adding a flavorful touch to our team. Outside the office, she cherishes moments with her husband and two lovely children, creating a warm and family-oriented atmosphere both at home and at Rochester Family Dentistry.

We're delighted to have Aneta's expertise and genuine care enhance our patient experience!

Grace Grace

Introducing Grace, our dynamic dental hygienist assistant at Rochester Family Dentistry. A familiar face to our practice, Grace has been a loyal patient for over 15 years before seamlessly transitioning to join our dedicated team. A graduate of Michigan State University with a teaching degree, she has embarked on a new journey in dentistry, eager to master all its facets. Grace's goal is to absorb knowledge across the spectrum of dental care.

Beyond the dental realm. Grace finds joy in a variety of pursuits. Whether it's navigating the greens on a golf course, carving through snowy slopes on skis. or creating culinary delights in the kitchen, she embraces a well-rounded lifestyle. Her heart is with her family and friends, cherishing the moments spent together. Grace brings a unique blend of experience, dedication, and warmth to our practice, ensuring a welcoming and familiar environment for all our patients.