Great dental care requires more than dedicated and skilled doctors and staff. Great dental care also requires the best tools available. This is just some of the dental technology we use to provide you with exceptional dental care. Call our office today (248-651-8787) to schedule your appointment.

Digital Radiography (X-rays) | Panographic Radiography (X-rays)iTero Scanner


Digital Radiography (X-rays)

What is a digital x-ray?
In traditional x-rays (radiographs), x-rays sent through your mouth are captured on film. The film is then developed, which takes time and is environmentally unfriendly.

Digital radiography works like your digital camera. Instead of capturing x-rays on film, digital radiography captures x-rays on a grid of sensors. Computer software transforms the information from these sensors into an image on a computer monitor where the doctor can immediately see the results. And like your digital camera or photo editing software, the doctor can "zoom in" on areas of concern for closer examination or adjust the contrast and brightness to see the image more clearly. Their diagnosis of your dental health is faster and more accurate than ever before, thanks to digital x-rays.

Reduced x-ray exposure and increased convenience
Another advantage of digital radiography is the reduced amount of radiation you receive during your x-rays. Digital x-rays are one-quarter to one-third the radiation exposure of traditional x-rays. Dr. Solverson has always made sure that your exposure to x-rays falls well within the safe exposure limits of the American Dental Association. By investing in digital x-ray equipment, Dr. Solverson is demonstrating his continued commitment to your overall health.

Another advantage of storing your x-rays digitally is that your records are now easier to locate when needed and easier to share with other dental professionals should you need specialized dental services. This can save you valuable time if your dental need is of an urgent nature.


Panographic Radiography (X-rays)

panographic-radiography-2Just as a panoramic photograph allows you to see a broad view of a large area, such as the Grand Canyon, a panoramic radiograph (x-ray) allows our doctors to see all of your upper and lower teeth and parts of your jaw in a single image. Seeing all of your teeth at one time lets our doctors make a more accurate assessment of your overall dental health.

panographic-radiography-1A common use of a panoramic x-ray is to assess teeth development in a child or teenager. This is especially true when wisdom teeth (third molars) are erupting. Wisdom teeth can cause crowding or become impacted because the teeth don’t have enough room to grow. Using panoramic x-rays, our doctors can follow the progress of third molars before they erupt and recommend a course of treatment (such as braces) if the molars are not developing properly.

For adults, panoramic x-rays are also useful in detecting cysts, abscesses, and other infections of the gums, (see Periodontics).


iTero Scanner

iTero-ScannerThe iTero scanner replaces the use of impression putty for crowns, bridges, Invisalign aligners and night guards. With our new digital scanner, we continue to implement the newest and best technology. It allows more accurate impressions and is more comfortable to use.