Office Policies

We take pride in providing quality dental care.

The staff of Rochester Family Dentistry places as much emphasis on caring for the entire patient as we do for caring for your teeth. Our staff receives regular training, we use some of the latest dental technology, and we place great emphasis on personalized patient care.

Office Policies

Preventive dentistry is a very important aspect of our office. At every visit, we go beyond correcting problems - we recommend treatment specifically designed to prevent dental and periodontal problems. Preventing a cavity by placing a sealant on a tooth or preventing gum disease by properly timed therapy are only two examples of our preventive philosophy.

Dental care today is far superior to dental care of a generation ago. Every area of dentistry has improved and advanced in recent years. Dr. Solverson and his staff spend a great deal of time staying current with the latest advances in dentistry so we are able to offer our patients the most modern and state of the art treatment modalities.

We will work hard to diagnose any dental problems or concerns you might have. We will communicate as effectively as possible to you your treatment options and restore your teeth and smile to the best of our abilities. When necessary, we will map out a treatment plan for you and your family that will help you keep your teeth longer and keep them looking great. Should your treatment require the help of a specialist, we have excellent consultative relationships with the best specialists in the Rochester area. We will also advise you on any proper prevention protocol you will need to follow to maintain your high level of oral health.